OK. But why?

Yes, you can certainly go to your local grocer/drug store, etc., and buy cheaper soap. So what's the big deal with this fancy-schmancy, hand crafted brouhaha? 

Store-Bought vs. Hand Crafted 

Did you know that most of the soaps for sale in commercial environments are actually detergents? They don't meet the FDAs definition for soap, so they are marketed as “cleansing bars” or “beauty bars.” 

Detergents excel at removing oils- which is OK from a sales perspective, but may not jive with how you need to care for your skin.

It's the Glycerin, Baby

Hand Crafted soaps contain Glycerin, a natural skin softener that attracts water from ambient air. This helps maintain your skin's moisture after use.

In Hand Crafted soap, fats/oils blend with sodium hydroxide (lye) during the saponification process, while the natural glycerin maintains its integrity.

You Deserve a Little 'Me Time'

We're ALL moving at a million mph. Shifting between Mom, Wife, Lady Boss, and/or FurMommy, I'm happy if I've put underwear on BEFORE my jeans.

We ALL can use a little 'Me Time.' And whether you love lingering baths, or have to speed through the shower in the AM, both are chances to take just a wee moment to pamper yourself.  

So why are oils so important in Hand Crafted soap, and what's the diff?

When making Hand Crafted soap, Fats/Oils are combined with sodium hydroxide (lye), and any coloring/fragrance agents. During the saponification process, actual soap is formed. The Fats/Oils (and the amounts of each) used impart different qualities, such as:  

Olive Oil:  A commonly used emollient, Olive Oil it is mild and provides a moisturized feel. Olive Oil is used in most of our angelBARS for this reason.

Shea Butter:  Results in a super creamy BAR with more moisturized feel. All angelBARS include Shea Butter.

Organic Palm Oil:  angelBARS uses exclusively organic and sustainably produced Palm Oil. This oil helps create a firm, stable BAR. 

Coconut:  One word... Lather. Coconut Oil adds to hardness and creates "big bubbles" in soap. 

Ready for some HEAVENLY 'Me Time?' 

Check us out and relax! We've got a selection of BOXES to perfectly fit YOUR 'Me Time' needs.